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Kids Kung Fu: Education & Development

In our IWKA Kung Fu Kid’s Education Class, we see positive changes happening every day through the training. Unlike other sports or physical activities, our Kids Kung Fu Program is based on developing many aspects of your child’s potential simultaneously.

You will see your child gain more confidence, discipline, respect and energy. They will learn advanced problem solving skills, how to remain focused, stay calm and hold themselves in higher self-esteem.

Many children are brought up with the idea that they must be the best in everything.

By helping the kids to understand how to overcome challenges, doubts and fears, they will be well prepared for facing similar situations in the future.

In a very short period of time you will see your child gain great confidence in knowing they are unstoppable in their quest to achieve anything they put their mind to.

In the Kung Fu Panda's class, our main goal is to help your child build their confidence and awareness.

We teach them how to recognize and prevent dangerous situations from occurring so they can avoid them in the first place. Not only will your child learn to protect themselves physically, but they will also understand how to find help and who to trust.

The priority for their self defense development lies in their verbal defense skills so they can avoid becoming a victim in the first place. All Panda's classes are conducted in a playful manner with a strong focus on improving motor skills, hand/eye coordination and their body and spatial awareness.

The Tiger's program is designed to work with your child to help them improve their concentration.

We teach them how to build a strong body/mind connection by learning more complex Martial Arts Movements and Kung Fu Forms which will improve their performance both inside and outside of the Kung Fu school.

Their work begins in our  IWKA Stranger Awareness Program and Anti-Bullying Program  where your child will learn to show and protect their boundaries as well as how to avoid or prevent these situations in the first place. 

The Dragon's program maintains a firm focus on all the skills learned in the previous programs including concentration, teamwork, respect, movement and coordination.

In addition, the children begin learning the higher IWKA Kung Fu forms, and exercises as well as doing more partner training.

Compared to the Panda's and Tiger's the Dragons classes are less playful. Dragons learn how to work well in a team and to be more responsible for themselves and others. The IWKA Stranger Awareness Program and Anti-Bullying Program continues into the Dragons program, so the children have a better understanding of how to stay safe when they are on their own, wherever they may be.

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