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Join us for a free trial lesson in any of our training programs.

Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi & Qigong classes will help you discover new levels of awareness within yourself. Learn to cultivate internal energy. Watch as your performance and productivity increase exponentially with practice.

Kids Kung Fu 4-12 yrs

Watch as your child gains more confidence, discipline and respect. They will learn advanced problem solving skills, how to remain focused, stay calm and hold themselves in higher self-esteem.

Private Lessons

Personal attention to help you achieve your training goals.

Fast track your confidence and skill development. A perfect choice for any age, level of fitness or experience.

Kung Fu for Adults & Teens

Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are suitable for all levels of experience, age or fitness. A concept based self-defense system that will increase your confidence, sharpen your focus and improve your health.

Special Topics Seminars

Special topics seminars held throughout the year give you access to topic specific training methods and specialized skills in a level of detail not covered by our general training programs.

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